When it comes to choosing a user friendly platform for content management system there is no doubt – WordPress is at the top. From rather simple websites to the powerful software solutions, WordPress as a platform that gives the possibility to evolve, improve and upgrade.

We recommended WordPress because it brings many awesome benefits to your web presence:

How Sentinel utilize WordPress when building web solutions?

Sentinel has awesome experience and long lasting relationship with WordPress implementation, especially if combined with a responsive design (design and layout adopt size, according to device’s screen). Sometimes it is hard for you to turn the idea into a great product; and that is the right place and time where we can help you. We are proud when users give us praise after using our custom dashboards which they use to easily, quickly and effective input content, multimedia and offers to their website. They spare time, costs and have more time doing thing they care the most in their business.

IT managers love it, copywriters love it, authors love it, users love it – WordPress!

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