With so many content management systems, or “CMS” as they are known, available the market its difficult to know if your current choice of CMS is protecting you for the future. Online stores and eCommerce sites have their own set of CMS choices, such as Drupal or Magento. However if your site isn’t quite that complex and you’re wondering whether you need to move your website to WordPress or not, here are 10 good reasons why perhaps you should:

1. Community

WordPress has a massive community for support. If you’re not sure how to do something, there will be an article about it, a how-to video on YouTube and so on.

2. Integrate to anything

WordPress uses the popular PHP technology stack, meaning that WordPress systems can be easily expanded, usually through the development of custom plug-ins, to work with any other system. We recently linked a simple WordPress front end system through to an Elastic Search system, providing powerful search features for the front end website and mobile platforms.

3. “There’s a plug-in for that..”

With such a vast development community, there’s pretty much a plug-in that will serve the required purpose. Most of them are free, too.

4. Market share

Do you know any other business that dominates its market with a 50% share? They exist, but they are rare. WordPress is one of those rarities, so you know you’re safe for the medium term if half the CMS world are using it.

5. Low Cost Development

Since WordPress has such a large community, development of systems with WordPress is extremely cost-effective.

6. Future-proofing

WordPress has what is known as an “upgrade path”, meaning that new features and any fixes are constantly being made available.

7. Up-time

WordPress is robust and stable. It keeps your business online consistently. Since the community is so large, any new features that could compromise the stability of the system simply do not make it to publication.

8. Supporting your business growth

You can easily scale-up with WordPress. Multisite websites are easy, for your PPC campaign landing pages, or different domains such as .com and .co.uk. Also multi-language can easily be enabled via a variety of language plug-ins.

9. It’s free!

WordPress is a community that provides this CMS absolutely free.

Next steps

If you’re not sure whether you should stay with your current system or move over to WordPress, contact us for a free evaluation.