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You’ve invested a lot of time and energy into creating a fantastic product.  You constantly hear praises about it from different people in your environment yet you’re hardly making any sales.  And that’s the whole point – your product can be a fantastic solution for many people but people won’t buy it because they haven’t […]

Geographic and location targeting are among the main reasons why small, brick-and-mortar businesses use Google Ads. With mobile searching on the rise, it makes perfect sense for businesses with storefronts to try to attract potential customers in their area. Big businesses who offer their products or services on a larger scale can also use geographic […]

Sentinel is working on many amazing projects, including ones implementing custom-tailored online file storage. Files and folders are not stored on the server, and structure is maintained in database, meaning files can be spread across multiple file sharing/hosting services. File storage service wouldn’t be fun if you don’t have folders. Or sub folders. And subsub….sub […]

Sentinel has team members in the UK, Spain and mostly in Serbia where the design and development teams reside. In this article we review the kind of tools required for a business model that is becoming more and more commonplace, since it allows companies like Sentinel to drive down the operating costs and compete in […]