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Customer Relationship Management

A CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, system is an essential workflow tool that serves one vital purpose. Most other descriptions boil down to this one: To ensure that new customers are properly managed in every respect, from initial contact right through to after sales followups.

Sentinel has built numerous CRM systems and our success has always relied on our focus and attention to the overall goals. There is no “one size fits all” solution as each business has their own preferred way of providing their customers with unbeatable service delivery.

CRMs have a number of common features:

Enquiry Capture

The initial contact of a client either through web, phone or other means.

Rapport Management

Capturing interesting and important details of a customer, either personal (birthday, favourite football team) or business (you both met at a tech convention in 2008). Recalling details shows you are interested in the customer and instills additional confidence.

Workfow Management

Making sure the right departments deal with the customer at the right times. This stops anything falling through the gaps. With a good CRM, you’ll never drop the ball.

Your CRM defines you

Even though a CRM is very much a behind-closed-doors system, it is vital for your business. A common view is that a CRM is just a tool to help get the job done. That’s just one piece of the puzzle. A well-thought CRM system will, albeit indirectly, improve brand image, improve customer loyalty and, perhaps above all, enable your company to cost effectively deliver a service that is way beyond the call of duty.

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