Elasticsearch and WordPress integration

Synergy between the enterprise search engine and the popular CMS

Elasticsearch is the enterprise-level Search Engine. WordPress on the other hand is the most popular Content Management System. Together the make fast, secure and future-proof combo when you need to deliver tons of data via a search. Build location based property websites for travel, real estate, e-commerce and more. Give your users an option to search by a radius, by a polygon, or by a postcode. For each set of results offer filtering by nearby locations or provide users with real-time results. Not to mention an ease of using a search autosuggest feature.

WordPress is used as a front-end system for your website, and Elasticsearch is used as a data warehouse, back-end system and a database. Smart set of APIs communicate between them and provides users with unparalleled UX.

wordpress elastic search

Apps and products included

  • WordPress
  • Elasticsearch

Example: Polygon search

wordpress elastic search

Image represents polygon search on WordPress via Google Maps. Location in question is Soho in London. Soho is defined as an array of coordinates (longitude and longitude). For the given set of coordinates, system pulls a list of properties from the Elasticsearch.

Typical use case

  1. Customer starts typing a keyword in the search bar
  2. Search autosuggest pops-up and gives few related options to the user
  3. Autosuggest matches both exact phrases and misspelled (close variants) of the keyword phrase
  4. User selects suggested option or chooses to see all results
  5. If a user selects suggested option, then he is redirected to a property details page
  6. If a user selects to see all results then he is redirected to search results listing page
  7. On the search results page user can filter results by proximity, by radius, by polygon, and many more options
  8. Each change of search results populates the page almost instantly

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Our prices are based on day rates starting from £360/day

Sentinel Software can help you design the optimum flow for your business. Continue to leverage speed and capacity of the Elasticsearch while taking advantage of limitless features of the WordPress platform.
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