Infinity Phone Tracking and CRM integration

You can be confident your phone tracking reports won’t be empty anymore

Finally be track phone calls which are the most frequent offline conversion, and store them in the CRM. Assign phone numbers to current and previous customers and learn how they interact with your sales agents from initial call to the moment of purchase.

Use the phone number as identifier and in real-time show to the sales agent information from the CRM about the customer. Sales agent sees previous enquires, bookings and purchases, reviews, complaints and more which helps him communicate better and close more deals.

If your business relies on calls then Infinity Tracking integration is a must have feature.


Apps and products included

  • Infinity Phone Tracking
  • CRM (Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, or any other custom CRM)
  • Softphone system (optional)

Typical use case

  1. Customer makes a call using Infinity’s virtual number
  2. Through real-time API we identify the caller and lookup phone number field in the CRM database. If there is a number we pull historical data for that customer (previous enquires, bookings and purchases, reviews, complaints etc.)
  3. If the number is not in the CRM we pre-populate Phone Number field and create the new lead.
  4. When the call is completed we push Events to the web tracking (i.e. Google Analytics)
  5. If a sales agent labels the calls using dial-in codes then we assign necessary fields to the Google Analytics, CRM etc.
  6. In addition, using Infinity API we lookup caller’s traffic source (organic search, paid search, social, referral, email campaign…) and other metric and dimensions that Infinity Tracking collects (device, landing page from which the call is made…). We push collected into into CRM deal details.
  7. When a transaction occurs we are able to generate report that shows number of interactions, traffic source per each interaction, timestamps of a call, and more.
  8. When a transaction occurs we push transaction value to Google Analytics.

Features of the integration



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All industries



Time to implement


Our prices are based on day rates starting from £360/day

Sentinel Software can help you design the optimum flow for your business. Continue to leverage Infinity Tracking benefits within your CRM systems, by taking advantage of our powerful integrations.
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