When embarking on a new project, whether its a website refresh, a microsite for a PPC marketing campaign or even a simple facebook viral app campaign, one thing must be very clear to all involved – your goals.

Goals and objectives must be crystal clear from the outset, and they don’t need to be complicated at all. It’s ok to have multiple goals too and, in fact, projects usually do. This article looks at starting a project the right way, with a guaranteed outcome that meets these goals.

The Supermarket Principle

It is well known that every single brick of a supermarket is there to sell products in some way; i.e. to be a part of a process that will ensure that the cost of that brick will be returned, one hundred-fold. If that brick cannot contribute to goals or overall ROI, then serious questions need to be asked as to whether its needed at all.

The same goes for digital campaigns. We start a project with a high-level testing document, which is effectively a list of requirements tested on all the required devices (MacBooks, tablets, phones etc). Each test case in the requirements testing document is there to make sure that a feature works, such as a newsletter signup popup, a photo upload in a viral Facebook promotion, letting a user access their loyalty statement online and so on. If a test case can’t be traced back to a requirement, why would we need to even spend time designing it?

It should be obvious, therefore, that clear goals save you money!

If you don’t want to get lost, get a “MAP”

When preparing a campaign, we help our clients crafting their goals into a digital “MAP”, or “Master Action Plan”. This is a simple, step by step guide as to how the campaign will be launched. It will start with analysing your analytics to determine user behaviour, browsing habits, devices used and so forth. It will then list the sign-off milestones from design through to go-live, support and then on-going SEO work.

The MAP will be your bible and is your guarantee that the project will nail your goals.

Getting your team aligned to your goals

Now that you have your MAP, its essential to get the teams aligned to the MAP. Once you have your teams’ buy-in, goals are understood, everyone in the project is focused on the same gaols and success is guaranteed. If some new requirements come in, or the business shifts during the creation of the campaign, its simply a matter of updating the MAP to make sure that the goals are still relevant.

Master your analytics

You should start with a data-driven approach. Even simple tools like web analytics reveal lots of valuable insights. Analytics are based on real data, for users who visited and browsed your website. We love to collect, extract and analyze data from web analytics. If data is showing that you are headed to your goal, you will arrive, guaranteed. However if you ignore clear warning signs, you are destined to fail. For example, if your analytics report that 75% of your users are using touch devices (mobiles, tablets, fashion gadgets etc), this is telling you that, not only do you need a mobile site too for your campaign, but you need to start with it.

Remember its an investment, not a cost

If your digital campaign developments are a cost to you, then why are you doing them? Every hour spent designing and building the campaign, just as every brick in the supermarket, is there to increase revenue.

Meeting your objectives by nailing your goals is essential for a high return on your investment with Sentinel.
Contact us now, and ask for a MAP!