Family Life Portal

The Challenge

Starting from scratch is always difficult. You need the website, social media presence, frequent stream of quality content and time to build a brand that people will trust and recommend. In the beginning the easiest way to convey the message you have to offer is by using an awesome design.

Let’s be honest, design is the first thing new visitors will notice. Visual representation of your brand speaks volumes, and if you manage to step-up, then you will have a chance to accelerate growth in the early stages of your website (or any other online identity).

Luckily, our client, Family Life Portal, did not hesitate to give us a chance to develop their brand identity.

Family Life Portal is an online community tailored towards parents and kids. The tone of the brand should be friendly and open, but knowledgeable and trustworthy. The target audience are young-adults, teens and parents, living in or recently moved to Spain.

The Strategy

Focus on consistency. Consistency is achieved by avoid representing things that do not relate to or enhance the brand.

Bring the emotion to the front of the visual message. We wanted to provide visitors with an opportunity to feel like they’re part of a larger group “A community they can trust”, as the FLP’s mission statement suggests.

Immediately show personality. Every element of the brand identity including the color of the logo and the typography on the brand name adds to the personality.

The Implementation

Knowing the direction in which FLP wanted to move, long-term and short-term plans, we created sustainable brand strategy for the client:

  • Defining typography and corporate typefaces
  • Defining brand colors, and color pallete for all web and print elements
  • Designing logo and wordmark
  • Creating a full set of graphic assets for social media profiles

The Results

Our designers guided client through several rounds of concept ideation, helping the Family Life Portal’s team settle on bold options for brand messaging, logo, typography, and color palette.

Logo variants

Main, secondary, super wide, animated logo

Brand awareness on social media

Team created a full library of web elements