The Challenge

Sometimes its the simpler ideas and campaigns that are most effective. This story is one of those. Statistics showed that highly engaged users were spending time on the website, selecting from the phenomenal variety of office space that FlexiOffices has to offer. However the statistics also revealed that a small percentage of users were not then proceeding to request a quotation. It wasn’t bad, but we wanted great and, given that FlexIOffices is one of the leading providers of serviced office space, even a marginal improvement would yield a non trivial increase in revenues.

The Strategy

We reviewed the entire process of the user flow, from initial landing at the website right through to submission of the enquiry. We identified some very simple opportunities to reduce the “friction” of a conversion.

The Implementation

Sentinel was involved in following action points:

  • Comprehensive audit of conversion processes
  • Setup of tracking scripts
  • Data extraction and collection
  • Defining hypothesis to test against
  • Data analysis
  • Setup of A/B tests
  • Design and development of new layout and user interface elements
  • Monitoring of tests in live environment
  • Analysis of results
  • Deployment of winning layout variants

The Results

Of all the successes we’ve had with one of our oldest clients, who we have known since 2008, one of the simplest tasks proved to have a return that eclipsed our expectations. The implementation effort was negligible; you could measure them in hours. The results were instant, and FlexiOffices experienced 31% increase in business over night. We knew it would be good, but this was way beyond anyone’s expectations.

Enquiry form conversion rate

31% increase


Leads from mobile traffic

2x more leads Year-over-Year