MasterCard Lokies

The Challenge

Each year Mastercard Australia runs a competition called “The Lokies – Locally Famous”. It is an award that aims to give some airtime to small businesses who are loyal to Mastercard, be it a corner store, pizza restaurant, bakery or even just a coffee shop. Patrons are invited to vote for their favourite establishments and the winner of each category is given unprecedented advertising.

There were several key challenges to this requirement:

1. Hard marketing deadline

Since Lokies “kits”, packed with free merchandise, posters and goodies are sent out to businesses wishing to participate, the logistics implies a hard deadline and having the digital platforms in place on time is absolutely essential. There was absolutely no room for error. Furthermore, since the launch of the campaign was imminent, Sentinel had just one month to implement everything.

2. Multi device support

The digital systems required had to work on all popular desktop browsers, tablets and mobiles.

3. Multiplatform

Three systems were required:

  • Implementation of Lokies responsive website
  • Lokes responsive Facebook application
  • Voting platform and Admin panel

4. Infrastructure

Sentinel were also tasked with arranging secure hosting, ordering of domains and SSL certificates and ongoing server monitoring, since peak loads were anticipated.

The Strategy

Sentinel set up various teams to handle the project in parallel. A project manager was appointed and all tasks were identified as part of our Agile/SCRUM approach to the project, to guarantee timely delivery. The teams met each day to discuss tasks completed, any issues experienced, and tasks planned for that day. This was essential, given the tight integration of the 3 main components of the website, Facebook app and voting platform.

The Implementation

Designs were brought to life through responsive front end development and a separate set of pages created for the Facebook. Front end statics were sent to the client continuously for approval while backend systems development was ongoing. This parallel work was key to the success of this project.

The results

The competition attracted huge publicity with just under 500 establishments participating and nearly 1,500 of voters actively pushing out notifications to their Facebook connections.

On-time delivery with winners was announced as scheduled.

Participating establishments

Circa 500

Social Media users