Valvoline SynPower

The Challenge

We were approached by an agency who lacked the knowledge for implementing a nation-wide Australian marketing campaign targeting motor enthusiasts.
Each year Valvoline launch a campaign offering two free tickets to the extremely popular Summernats event in Canberra, attracting over 100,000 Australian petrol heads and nearly 3,000 exhibition cars.

The competition requires entrants to submit a photo of their “street machine” and, after a month, the public are invited to vote for the hottest cars.
The previous year had not gone as well as hoped attracting just a few entrants, and some digital love was required. We loved the the product that was being promoted by this – an eco-friendly synthetic motor oil, which gave us even more motivation to see the campaign become a success.

The Strategy

Sentinel approached this with a view to exploit the viral nature of Facebook. Our idea was to avoid using Likes as votes, since Facebook forbids this, and instead encourage people to up-vote their favorite street machines. Sharing was encouraged too, of course, and was key to the success of the campaign.

The Implementation

We built the entire digital platform for the website and Facebook app. Although Facebook didn’t support mobile-responsive apps, we created a framework that would automatically detect mobile devices and give the users an optimum, slick experience.
As a value-add, to assist our client with the campaign, we built a fully functional campaign manager where they could control the campaign stages (upload, voting, winner) and post regular updates directly onto the SynPower Street Machine wall.