Trustpilot and CRM integration

Give sales reps a conversation starter, not just bunch of stats

When we integrate Trustpilot reviews with your CRM customer data then your sales representative will get valuable information about the returning customers they are speaking or interacting with. This helps them close more deals and get repeated transactions for your business.

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Apps and products included

  • Trustpilot
  • CRM (Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, or any other custom CRM)
  • Softphone system (optional)

Example: Trustpilot review in the CRM

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As soon as the enquiry arrives into the CRM our integration starts requesting a review from Trustpilot and upon retrieval displays the review in the appropriate section easily accessible by the sales agent.

Typical use case

  1. A new lead comes to the CRM system (customer sends enquiry or calls)
  2. System performs a lookup by email (or phone number) and tries to find a match in the database of previous customers
  3. We identify returning customer and via a purchase or booking reference, and an ID, we get review from Truspilot
  4. We present sales rep with the review
  5. If a sales agent is speaking with the customer, we present the review in real-time
  6. Sales rep is able to quickly see the star-rating and to read the review which helps him establish connection with the client

Features of the integration



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Time to implement


Our prices are based on day rates starting from £360/day

Sentinel Software can help you design the optimum flow for your business. Leverage reviews, communicate better with the returning customer and get closer to a repeated transaction.
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