What We Do For You?

API Integrations
API integrations between powerful software solutions that push your brand forward, that give you complete picture of your customer behavior, that drive re-engagement or simply make performance of your departments more effective. You name it, we will build it.

Product Development
Let that idea of yours come to life. Sentinel builds mobile apps for both iOS and Android, web based applications, SaaS products, complex CRM systems that make SMB and enterprise companies grow. We helped start-ups and various companies in developing their ideas into products and services users love to use.

Marketing Automation
It is hard to grow if you try to manually master all marketing tools and channels of acquisition. Our marketing automation solution combines SEO, PPC, and email marketing into powerful synergy that doesn't just to build traffic, but to acquire customers that will stick around.

WiFi Solutions
Our Fydelia Wi-Fi system boosts loyalty and profit in hospitality, retail, and enterprise venues using unique set of features that start a conversation with public WiFi visitors, collects valuable user data, directs users into your marketing funnel, or simply showcase your business to specific audience.

Business Intelligence
Your website, CRM or mobile app collects tons of data. We take that raw data and transform it into meaningful and useful information. Insights about your visitors, their purchase patterns, about the market and your competitors, or any other piece of information we need. We do not convert numbers into graphs, we convert data into profit.

Bespoke Web Development
Your business is unique. Your website should be too. Our goal is simple: create a mobile-first experience that enhances your brand and distinguishes you from your competitors. Deep planning, skillful execution, great UX and performance on search engines. That is the code we deliver to our clients.

How We Make Things Work For You?
On Our Processes


Crucial phase that makes decision making and implementation of strategy much easier. We listen to you, we collect data, and eventually we process everything into meaningful insights. Once we define roadmap and tactics that help us reach your goals, next steps are pure joy.


We continue by transforming ideas into tangible shapes. Visual communication and expression through typography, illustrations, wireframes, prototypes, and interface design elements. We give our best to achieve design consistency and hierarchy that is nearly invisible to users.


Putting our technical wizardry to use. From creating information architecture, implementing 3rd party APIs to working on core development tasks. The agile methodology that we embraced helps us to anticipate changes and allows much flexibility in our development, and quality assurance.


Strict process of multiple steps that ensures seamless migration from development to production stage. We execute various tests that put our code to the maximum stress and only if there are no hickups we push apps on to live environment. Clients receive Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) reports that objectively showcase performance of products under tests.

Support & monitoring

The process that distinguishes good and bad software companies. We know how important is for you to have fully operational software at all times, and that is why we are always there for you. We monitor performance, collect huge data sets, and provide support and training for your staff and team members.


We process collected raw data into meaningful and useful information. Information about your visitors, their behavior patterns, or any other piece of information we need. Then we are able to optimize your product. To work faster, to collect more leads, to increase ranking on search engines, to make more profit.

Core values
Delivery on time. Does it matter to you?

It took us some time to figure out how to deploy code fast without compromising on quality. Then we switched to Agile development, integration of IT operation management and software development. Now teams perform rapid product building and frequent delivery of software updates, with continual user involvement. End result is increased productivity, lower costs of production, faster releases of our services and improved customer experience.


Great rates without any hidden costs

We embraced the latest technologies, especially smart use of location and communication. That enabled us to slash development costs you often face when dealing with other agencies. You are not paying the price of an office in the City, for the great view and hi-tech furniture. We see remote teams as advantage, and that is the main reason our rates are great. We do not compromize on quality, but rather optimize internal processes.


It all starts with creating a digital strategy

You know what are the business objectives you want to achieve. We can help you reach them all by creating a digital strategy specifically tailored to your needs. Strategy we create gives us answers on things we need to do. And the best part: tough decision making becomes obsolete.

At any point you may ask why are we implementing a certain tactic. Because it is a part of our main strategy. Why is that specific strategy being executed. Because of the objectives you want to achieve. It is really that simple.

We get things done, and things we do help you reach your goals.


We are not like any other agency

For a start – we listen to you. We hear your voice; we understand your specific needs. We learn about your market and we dig deep to unmask all problems you are faced with. After that, development part is easy. Sentinel becomes part of your company, you will fell us as a department that tackles problems and produces great products.

But is does not stop there. We know that support and monitoring is a process that distinguishes good and bad software companies. We understand how important is for you to have fully operational software at all times, and that is why we are always there for you. We monitor performance, collect huge data sets, and provide support and training for your staff and team members.